ad astra per aspera. a rough road leads to the stars

About Leni


Leni is in the middle of all the hullabaloo in the struggle to marry art and activism as co-founder of DAKILA, a collective of artists creatively inspiring social transformation, and as the current Executive Director of the Active Vista, a learning center for Human Rights education, established by DAKILA.

Her roots as an activist began as a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication student at the University of the Philippines Manila and grew with her experiences as a student leader of the National Federation of Student Councils. She went full time in the social movement as a youth organizer and later served the working class as an Executive Committee member of the Partido ng Manggagawa (Workers’ Party – Philippines).

In 2005, she co-founded Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism with multi-awarded writer, journalist and Radioactive Sago Project front man Lourd de Veyra; veteran actor Ronnie Lazaro; singer-songwriter Noel Cabangon; the popular rock band Parokya ni Edgar bassist Buhawi Meneses; and the late comedian Tado(+). In DAKILA, she explored the use of creative platforms, digital media and pop culture in advocacy campaigns ranging from climate justice to human rights.

Her 20 years of lessons and frustrations in the Philippine social movement spawned a variety of ideas and projects in her attempt to, at the very least, instill social consciousness to the younger generation. She organizes the human rights film festival, Active Vista, as its Festival Director; runs campaigns online and on ground; manages advocacy programs; designs education and training modules; mentors budding activists; serves as communications consultant to various non-profit organizations; produces concerts, music, videos and films; and strategizes to change the world.

When not busy being a task oriented bitch, she dabbles in writing, travels alone, hangs out with friends for conversations on love and the revolution, and attempts to put order in her chaotic life. She lives with her spoiled British Shorthair – Zvezky.

If you are one of the poor, unfortunate souls who have become part of her journey to being stellar then you probably know why you are lenified. Follow her journey at lenify

Contact her through Facebook or follow her at Twitter or Instagram. E-mail her at leni.velasco@gmail.com


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