I walked this road every 5 am in Amsterdam. The cold bites as I puff a cigarette on my way to the village baker for a quick coffee fix and freshly baked bread. The baker named Hans was a friendly man. Every day at precisely 5 am, he greets me with his warm smile. A few days after, we got used to this morning routine.

I stayed for Amsterdam for a week and went to Brussels for a weekend get away when my brother arrived. I went back to Amsterdam for 2 days but was billeted on a different hotel by my workshop organizers. I went to Paris after to maximize the last days of my European trip.

I stayed on a different hotel when I got back from Paris. It was far from Hotel Hoksbergen which was just along Singel Canal. I never got the chance to see Hans again on my return. I knew I was going to miss my early morning walk down this road  and the familiar smell of Hans’ neighborhood.

On my last day in Amsterdam, I went around the thrift shops and bookstores. I rode the tram and walked along the canals for the last time. I lost my self in this city.

Amsterdam will always be my favorite city.