Dear Tado,

Today is the 6th month since your death. Today, we have no activity planned to commemorate this, no rally held to protest the injustice done to the victims. We remember this day with out the usual fanfare of a campaign, just like what we were used to in the 20 years that we were together as comrades in the movement.

Instead, we remember this day quietly going about our normal busy routine at the office, trying to contribute through our own little ways to change the world, as we always say.

Struggles are not always defined by drama. Sometimes, the calmness in between, has its wisdom. You taught us to live each day as a struggle to live for our nation, in service of the people. #AngMabuhayNangDahilSaYo

6 months after your death, there is now a sense of finality that cannot be denied or ignored. You are no longer here with us.

A year ago, you were a pain in our ass, passionately arguing about methods and directions in advocating for social transformation. You shook us to our very core. But, that is always what you do best.

Today, we remember you in silence but with a reverence that cannot be measured by campaign gimmicks or activities to popularize your causes. We pay homage by pursuing the path you lived, every day.

There are quiet days like today when we let numbness fill the void of your passing. Because, in this silence, we gather our strength and resolve to face the every day battles.

A storm is brewing inside us with a magnitude that will shake the very core of this struggle.

“One does not wait for the “ripe” objective circumstances to make a revolution, circumstances become “ripe” through the political struggle itself.”

― Slavoj Žižek, Living in the End Times
You have been pushing us into this wrestle. Our 20 years of experience in the movement taught us right.

It is the struggle itself, the objective condition that will push us to struggle.

I could only wish that you are still with us while we persevere to win this war.

Standing beside you in every battle would have been more fun.