“The socialist man must know how to compute the distance of the stars, how to differentiate a fish from a shark, a mammal from a reptile. He must know how to distill wine into liquor and how to arrive at e=mc^2. He must know how to cook bacon, butcher a pig and roast a lamb. He must be capable of leading armies into battle. He must know how to follow orders, give orders and he must know when to disobey them. He must be able at debate, at lobbying, at open struggle. He must know how to analyze difficult political situations, how to get out of one and how to convince others that they must do the same. He must know how to sail a ship, dig a latrine, construct a pigsty, wash clothes, wash dishes, plan an offensive, plan a retreat, mix martinis, drink martinis, differentiate brandy from whisky, keep quiet, participate, take care of babies, manage a state bureaucracy, soothe pain, comfort the sorrowful, maintain his composure in hot water, when to watch, when to participate, repair appliances, maintain a car, purge revisionists, ride a horse, run from a bull, swim, play tennis, drown gracefully, sink with his ship with honor along with the mice, discuss Mao, debunk Zinoviev, ridicule Stalin, appreciate a beehive, raise chickens, cook chickens, play boogle (respectably), correctly read Mabini, recruit members into the movement, motivate members to struggle, host a party, play at least one musical instrument, be critical, self-critical, honest… The socialist man is the total man. Specialization is for ants.”

“It is Marx who teaches us the real meaning of creativity, of true sentiment and communist passions. I expect Marxists, or those who profess to go by that title, to be most sincere, honest, dignified, humble, cultured, mature and sensible. Marxists without an ethic are Stalins. Marxism teaches man to be total. Marxism enables us to develop into the total human being. Liberal humanism tried to do this but failed because they did not know how to go about it. Again, only a Marxist ethic is truly humane… I can be pretentious enough to conclude that I am a Marxist. And it is precisely because of this fact that I can appreciate Tolkien and appreciate him unabashedly.”

“I am quite convinced that in a few years time, the nature of our struggles will change drastically. We shall have to launch a democratic version of the socialist revolution. The national democratic struggle will be left behind by history and we shall be buried with it in the heap of antiquity if we do not shake ourselves awake and really lead.”

– Lean Alejandro (July 10, 1960 – September 19, 1987)