And so, it has finally been written. This was the last season to a story that began in what used to be Cubao X and ended in a reunion of sorts in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. 15 seasons. 6 years worth of #feels.

There is a prologue to Book One that will be written perhaps someday representing the years 2005-2008 or probably even before 2005. The memories of these years are lost today in the cauldron of repressed emotions.

But, this last season of the first book must be closed. Chapter 15. The most dreaded ending. It takes courage to remember. It takes courage to finally let go.

Because, we shall never forget that to love is to be wounded by our own understanding of love,  and  to bleed willingly and joyfully.



Because,  we shall never forget that to risk is to burn, to struggle is to be free, to strip and bare to find our own truths, to break walls to find twinkles across this universe so that we can kiss the sun.  



Because, we shall never forget that revolutions begin in the imagination and that there shall always be bridges to cross and to burn. So, while time is always running out on us, we always —- come around.

-The End –

Book One: Season One to Fifteen | August 2008 – May 2014

Seasons 1-14 is written here: