Like a bullet
pierced deeply
into the fortress wall
but a mark
forever etched
burning hole
to a concealed pain.

Like a brick
into mortar force
breaking the facade
into pieces
as scars unfold
revealing a collapse
of a grandeur that was.

Stripped naked
by this corrosion,
we endure
the relics abandoned
finding fortitude
at the juncture of recovery
weathering our remains
as it slowly fades and wither away.

L. 2.27.2017
Budapest, Hungary to Vienna, Austria

Budapest was the seat of the Austria-Hungarian Empire till Nazi Occupation in World War 1. Liberated by the Red Army, it endured the Soviet Rule until the Fall of Communism in 1989.

I visited Budapest last February 2017. Bridging Buda and Pest is the Danube River which runs through it. Buda (origin from Slavic for water) and Pest (origin from Slavic for caves where fire burned) — water and fire joined together — a process that purifies and consumes.

I don’t think I’ll come back to Budapest soon. Perhaps, after 5 years or when it has gotten over the bullet in its walls. There is so much concealed pain in there despite its beauty. Maybe, someday, when it is finally ready for me. Meanwhile, i will just keep walking.